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Coca-Cola is getting personal

Coca-Cola started their Share A Coke campaign in Europe.

In an attempt to get a “whole” generation to drink more Coke they put 150 different names on their bottles. Half of the kids born between 1983 – 1999 have one of these names. Chance you know anyone with one of the 150 names is very likely. Making sharing a Coke relatively easy.

Being a brand there is one thing you want people to do. Look and interact with your brand. Build up sympathy and…. buy your product as a souvenir…



And Coke know just how to do that. They have already done the #ShareaCoke campaign in Australia. Watch “the results” :


The Dutch commercial:


The Belgian commercial:

Now what a shame when your name is not amongst the 150. Well, they even thought of that option. Coca-Cola has a tour that stops in several major Dutch city’s. You can go there and get your or any other name put onto a can. Here’s where they will be: Share a Coke Tour

So how is the experience on Your Brand !?


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