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I don’t get, the Getting Attention


Getting attention for your brand is a point of ever returning challenge.

So what do some brands come up with. Let’s get one of Africa’s fastest human beings to race a British Airways Airbus A380.


ok it looks nice, gives a buzz, but what does it, other than getting attention, have to do with British Airways and it’s A380 ? I tried but I just don’t get it.

Now this same man, bryan habana, ran against a cheetah.(0 to 60 miles in 3 seconds). He ran to get attention for the cheetah and the fact that they are becoming extinct, if we don’t do anything about. That I get.


When you try to get the attention for your brand, make it relevant to the brand. There is nothing wrong with letting man race a plane but make it relevant and authentic to your brand.

So how do you get attention for Your Brand in the right way, so it doesn’t get extinct ?



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