Game, Set, Match, NIKE


Turning a negative into a positive.

Some brands get it, some don’t.

Imagine, you are making new shoes for tennis players. A great concept, designers, product developers, you name it they’ve worked on it. No time and effort wasted.

And there it is.

Now you want the whole world to know. So you give it to Roger Federer, basically, the best tennis player in the world to wear it during Wimbledon. Everyone who loves tennis is watching and will see your brand new product. What more can you want.

Roger Federer plays his first game and then, Wimbledon decides the shoes don’t meet regulations. The sole is orange and that is not meant to be. They ban your shoes from the tournament.

Now what do you do?

NIKE did this:

I wonder, were NIKE really unaware of this regulation or was it another case of

Does Your Brand turn a negative into a positive in less than 24hours !?


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