Is your brand still selling products ?!


A variation on Lifestyle branding is teaming up with leading brands from another industry. In this type of branding, brands don’t venture out in other fields, they “endorse” their product with names they want to be associated with. One of the better examples here is Coca-Cola.

For several years now Coca-Cola colaborates with the best fashion designers in the world. Asking them to create a Coke bottle with their distinct signature design.

And the result: bottle’s that turn into collectors items.

20130605-101414.jpgPatricia Field (2008)

20130605-094648.jpgRoberto Cavalli (2008)

Thinking_Of_Italian-designers-coca-colaA collection of Italian Designers (2009)

20130605-093156.jpgZac Posen, Manolo Blahnik, Ellen von Unwerth (2009)

20130605-094842.jpgPatricia Field (2009)

20130605-093048.jpgMoschino (2010)

20130605-095951.jpgKarl Lagerfeld (2010)

20130605-093132.jpgKarl Lagerfeld (2011)

20130605-104739.jpgJean-Paul Gaultier (2012)

20130605-093443.jpgDiane von Fürstenberg (2012)

20130605-094914.jpgMarc Jacobs (2013)

Brands shouldn’t be selling products.
“Your brand should be selling an experience and your product is the souvenir”.

Does your brand have a souvenir I want ?


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