Porsche: This is how you thank 1.000.000 fans

Facebook is getting more and more filled with pages of companies and organisations. They would love for you to connect your profile to their Facebook page. But why would you, as a consumer, connect your profile to a brand ?

And as a brand how do you get people to “like” your Facebook page? How do you create interaction with your brand through Social Media?

KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) did it on a modest scale by rewarding the person who predicted the moment KLM would get to 100.000 Facebook fans.

Porsche went about it differently.

Around the end of 2010 the amount of Porsche Facebook fans approached the, let’s say, magical amount of 1 million. 1,000,000 people “crazy’ enough to become fan of the Porsche Facebook page.

And then this appeared:

After that, nothing for a while… Until this “Thank you, for sharing our passion” clip popped up.


This Porsche GT3 R Hybrid with 480 bhp gets stickered with 27,000 names.

Then the campagne went into the next stage. After the “Thank you for sharing our passion clip” a special “Thank you a 1,000,000 times page” was revealed.

You start up the web special and arrive on a page where you type in a name. Find out whether you’re “lucky” and if your name ended up on this racing machine. And surprise ! “Hey Cool ! Your name is on the Porsche GT3 R Hybrid”. So far this was just a nice initiative, but suddenly this Porsche campagne becomes personal.

And then the big search starts. However, even after half an hour of spelling out names, shifting windows, zooming in and out, no Leo Verdonck to be found. And as it was not to be my day job I left it for what it was.

But then there was Daniëlle Schouten (Productmanager sportscars at Porsche The Netherlands, @DaniSchouten) She made a trip to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, where the car was exhibited until march 20th.

And she found this:

That’s how you thank 1.000.000 Facebook fans. And even if you’re an adult, this does give a feeling of connection to the brand. Ok, it won’t make me buy a Porsche. But still, it is a very nice way of interacting with a brand. And it works. The Porsche Facebook page now has 1.438.473 fans. I’m curious as to what other brands come up with.


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